Monday, December 3, 2012

Dwight Howard Gets Taught A Lesson By His Former Team The Orlando Magic

Dwight Howard wanted out of Orlando so bad he burned a lot of bridges along the way. Last night in Los Angeles he had a chance to extract some revenge on former teammates and the Orlando Magic. The problem is he cannot shoot free throws and who knows that better then the Orlando Magic. The Magic employed Hack a Howard on their way to a 113-103 win. The Magic used balanced scoring to win the game that seen Dwight Howard walk off the court without shaking any Magic players hands. I guess there is still a bitter taste in his mouth about the way things went down.

For the Los Angeles Lakers they cannot keep losing to these teams they should easily beat. If Hack a Howard worked for the Magic you know other teams are going to use it as well. It just makes sense to do it when Howard is struggling at the free throw line. For Magic fans it had to be a Magical night in Orlando as they got Howard back for ditching them like he did. I can't imagine how loud the crowd will be in Orlando when Dwight Howard makes his one appearance for the year.

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