Sunday, December 9, 2012

Kobe Bryant Getting Tired Of Losing With This Cast Of Lakers

Kobe Bryant has always been about winning and that will not change anytime soon, but his latest cast of Lakers is making that tough for him. You would think with the team the Lakers put on the floor it would be winning at a good rate, but that is not the case. Steve Nash has been injured and Dwight Howard is being Dwight Howard of course. How long will Kobe Bryant take this before he blows up on his team?

The one thing that Kobe Bryant does not like to do and that is lose basketball games. He is all about winning NBA Championships and he will not accept anything less. Kobe also is not beyond calling people on his team out in private or public. Most of the time Kobe will do it behind close doors, but is not afraid to go public to air his opinions either. Sometimes this can be a good or bad thing depending on the player.

Like him or hate him we will probably see Kobe Bryant go on a long rant about his team. Unless they start winning look for Mr. Bryant to go on a rant that will be comical but serious as well. Kobe is about winning and will call out anyone he feels is not pulling their weight on his team.

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