Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Can Kobe Bryant Save The Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers continue their slide on the road and it looks like only one man can save the Lakers now. Kobe Bryant has bitten his tongue most of the season, but now it is time for him to step up and tell everyone what he thinks needs to be done. Yes, he has given hints what needs to be done but he must be more vocal no matter whose feelings he may hurt. Bryant is a winner and losing is killing him inside and he will not take it much longer. Can he really save the Lakers?

Kobe can save the Lakers but he is going to have to be tough on some of his own players. Dwight Howard needs to grow up and Kobe Bryant is probably the only player that can get the most out of him. Scrapping the offense the Lakers run right now is an idea, but in the long run Kobe Bryant has to be the one to decide that for the Lakers. Many people might not like giving the controls to Kobe including their current coach, but the Lakers have no choice right now. If they want any chance of getting going in the right direction they need to ride the guy who has got them five NBA Championships.

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