Wednesday, January 23, 2013

JaMarcus Russell Attempting To Make A Comeback

There are many things in life you do not want people to consider you and one of those is an NFL bust. JaMarcus Russell came out of college and has never full filled his dream of being an NFL star. In fact, JaMarcus has been out of the league for awhile and is making a comeback. Does he have a chance of making in the NFL? This time around he may just be able to finally be the quarterback everyone thought he could. He has a lot of people helping him get his priorities straight and that is something that he was missing.

In the end though it is gong to come down to what he wants and how hard he is willing to work for it. JaMarus is a talente young man, but he has to want it and be willing to work for it. The last time in the NFL He was lazy and that got him a ticket ut of the NFL. Hopefully, he has learned from his mistakes and will be a productive quarterback for an NFL football team this coming season

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