Derek Jeter Eyeing Opening Day Start

Derek Jeter is expecting to be in the starting lineup coming Opening Day 2013, and I would not bet against him. The Yankees captain has the willpower and dedication to get that done no matter what the odds are. Jeter has been one of the best Yankees ever to play and he may be on the downswing of his career, but he is still a valuable contributor to the team.

Even though he had ankle surgery look for the Yankees captain on the field when they say play ball. He has been working hard to get back and no matter his age of 38, he will be a vital part of the Yankees success this year. His biggest challenge is to get back into baseball shape and the sky is the limit for him after that. He will play a limited number of games this spring as the Yankees do not want to push him to much during spring training. Look for Derek Jeter at a ballpark near you soon.

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