Should The Boston Celtics Trade Kevin Garnett?

The Boston Celtics have been getting older for a number of years now and it is time to rebuild them. Now they have a few trade pieces and one of them happens to be Kevin Garnett. Do you trade a guy like Kevin Garnett or give him the respect he deserves for all the years he has given your organization?

There are really no easy answers to this question. Yes, you want to give Kevin Garnett all the respect he deserves and to retire as a Celtic. On the other hand it is a business and you must look out for business first. It's  tough call and no matter how it plays out someone will win and someone will lose.

If I was the Boston Celtics I would keep KG and let him retire a Boston Celtic because that is the right thing to do. It may not help your organization right now, but down the line you will be glad you did. Keeping KG in Celtic green right now makes perfect sense, but will they listen or do what is best for business. I guess we will find out very soon.

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