Saturday, February 9, 2013

Will Kobe Bryant Finally Realize There Is No Hope For The 2012-2013 Lakers Season

I have to give Kobe Bryant for not giving yet, but I think he even see's the writing on the wall. Dwight Howard has been a bust in Los Angeles and it does not look like he will be turning it around anytime soon. Kobe is talented, but he can only do so much. Unless he gets some help quickly the Los Angeles Lakers have no chance of making the NB Playoffs this season. What options are left for Kobe Bryant?

 Kobe knows he has very few options left. He does not want to alienate his coach or players on the team, but losing is so etching he cannot stand either. The Lakers superstar has a real tough decision that he must make. Should he stay quiet or be a real vocal leader. No matter what decision Kobe Bryant someone will not be happy that's for sure. Bryant must decide what way to go and he must hurry. Each loss puts the Lakers further outside a playoff spot. Kobe hates losing, so do not look for him to take it much longer.

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