Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dwight Howard Returns To Orlando Is He Ready For The Response He Will Get

Dwight Howard is heading back to Orlando for the first time and the welcome he may get could just shock him. Howard eft on bad terms and we have learned that NBA Basketball fans do not take kindly to superstars jumping ship and landing somewhere else. If you do not believe me ask Lebron James how tough it was to play in Cleveland his first time back. Dwight better be prepared for the worst when he steps onto the court in Orlando. Maybe Dwight can talk to his old teammates, but he also burned some bridges there as well.

Howard was quoted in an article saying his teammates were people nobody really wanted. That was probably not the best thing to say in the press even if it was true. Many Orlando Magic players did not take kindly to those words and they will be out for revenge tonight. Even though ony one player will be in uniform I'm sure he is still not happy with Dwight Howard's comments. Howard still has not grown up yet and his comments continue to get him in trouble. It should be an interesting game in Orlando tonight that's for sure.

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