Auburn Reeling From Accusations

The Auburn Football program finds itself defending itself as more and more accusations come out on a daily basis. Besides altered grades and paying players drugs were also said to be involved. Drug testing was skirted at Auburn during this title run which should not come as a shock. These accusations are indeed some very powerful ones and hopefully for the school they are not true. My take on this whole situation is in the end we will probably find out some of they will be true. Former players do not make up stories just to get their name in the press. Most likely what they are saying is probably the truth. If that is the case Auburn may be asked to vacate the title that they won in 2011. College Football is big business these days and schools and alumni understand this very well. Keeping players happy means they are likely to say longer. No matter what happens let's hope that all these things said are just lies. If they are not this will be a very ugly mess for the Auburn Tigers football program.

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