Louisville Shows Team Means Everyone Just Not One Person

The one thing you can say about Rick Pitino as a coach his best teams always knew what the term team meant. This Louisville squad is another glaring example of how Pitino always seems to get the most out of his players. When most teams would fold when a top player goes down, Pitino's squads always find a way to win games. Once Kevin Ware went down I knew it was Louisville's title to lose. They did not let him down on the way to their championship. It seems they are an mirror image of their coach. Sometimes that is a good thing.

When it comes to college basketball Rick Pitino is one of the best around. Most people never think about Pitino when they talk about great coaches. It really does not matter to Pitino as he has what he wanted anyways a national championship. Louisville showed grit and determination a hallmark of Rick Pitino. Coach Pitino said this was a special group of guys and he was right. Now he can call them National Chamions as well and add another feather in his cap/

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