Sunday, April 7, 2013

Michigan vs Louisville Who Do You Got Winning

Now that we have the College Basketball National Championship set between Louisville and Michigan lets look at a few things first. How many people thought these would be the two teams we would see at the end? I can almost bet not many people thought these would be the teams we would be talking about. I know I would not have guessed these two would make it all the way to the end. Lets look at both teams and how this one stacks up.

Michigan loves to shoot the three ball and at times that hurts them, but not very often. Against the Orangemen they showed they can win even when the three ball does not fall for them. They will need to have another good game from all angles if they want to upset the Louisville Cardinals. Michigan can be crowned champions, but I think they will need to shoot better.

For Louisville they also struggled at times against Wichita State, but when they needed to pull through they did. Louisville needs to play better especially defensively if they want to be Michigan. The Kevin Ware factor will be in full force on Monday Night. With that said I do like the Cardinals to become National Champions of the college basketball world.

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