Monday, May 27, 2013

Is Tony Romo The Most Overpaid QB?

Tony Romo has been in the league a few years and maybe he is worth the 108 million dollar deal, but as I look at the bigger picture I say HELL NO! Romo has comparable numbers to most of his peers. The one glaring weakness is wins in the playoffs and getting your team there on a consistent basis. Romo's leadership has also been brought into question as well. There has been times you wonder what Tony Romo is thinking as he runs the Cowboy's offense. My question is why in the heck give it to a guy who in the off-season seems to put football secondary.

Now I do hear this season Romo is more committed to football, but talk does not win football games. Romo needs to show it on the field of pay as well. The Cowboys owner gave Romo more money they he deserved and hopefully it will not come back to bite him. Only time will tell but this could be another million dollar mistake that Jerry Jones has made.

In Jerry Jones defense what other options did he really have left. He is stuck with Romo and he knows it. He did not want it to look like he made a mistake, so he is going to home Tony Romo finally can get it right. For The Cowboy's sake I hope he is right.

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