Packers: Time To Retire No.4 And Show Brett Favre The Respect He Deserves

The Green Bay Packers and Brett Favre are not on the greatest terms right now, but this means it gives the Green Bay Packers a chance to do the right thing. Brett Favre never wanted to go anywhere as he has always wanted to retire as a Packer. Aaron Rodgers said it best when it is time to heal and move on and do the right thing. Brett Favre gave many years to the Green Bay organization, team, and the fans. Will the Packers do the right thing and retire his No.4 before he gets inducted into Canton, Ohio?

 Sometimes in football these divorces are messing ones and right now that is what this one happens to be. Brett Favre and the Packers need to work this out. Favre will always be remember as one of the greatest quarterbacks ever and should have his number retired. Even though the Packers and him are not on the best of terms we all know when Canton calls he will go in as a Green Bay Packer. Like Aaron Rodgers said it is time to heal and move on. Favre's No.4 should be retired and as soon as possible.

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