T.O Was One Of A Kind

Like him or hate him you have to admit Terrell Owens was one of a kind. He kept us glued to our seats just to see what his latest antics would be on and off the field of play. Many times, T.O did things that made us say wow or how can he top that one. Lost in all the antics were the football player Terrell Owens. He has some impressive numbers that cannot be dismissed. He was a six-time Pro Bowl player, five-time All-Pro, and on the 2000's All-Decade team as well.  It does not stop there for Terell Owens either.

He amassed over 1,000 receptions and almost 16,000 yds to go with his 153 receiving touchdowns. No matter what anyone tells you when this man got on the field he performed and at a very high level. Yes, he did have plenty of antics, but he was a solid performer for many years. Everyone has to admit they would tune-in just to see what T.O. would pull next out of his bag of tricks. Aside for all that we must give him credit for his talent on the field and what he could do.

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