Friday, June 21, 2013

Doc Rivers Is He Worth All The Attention He's Getting

One of the interesting stories this playoff season has been Doc Rivers and the pursuit of him by other NBA teams. It seems Rivers is not sure if he wants to coach the Boston Celtics anymore, or if it is time to move on or just retire. The Boston Celtics probably would love to have him back, but since they did enter some trade talk with the Clippers it seems highly unlikely he will return to the Celtics bench this coming season.

Why is Doc Rivers being pursued by other teams? It's really pretty simple he is a winner and knows how to get the most from his players. He gets his players to buy into what he is doing and that is rare in the NBA these days. When your dealing with a lot of egos it seems Doc Rivers knows how to push all the right buttons. Finding an NBA coach that can do that is very hard and Rivers will be sought after in the off-season, but who gets him could be any one's guess. The one thing we do know whoever does, will get one hell of a coach that's for sure.

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