Monday, June 24, 2013

Lebron James Has Come A Long Way Since The Decision

Lebron James sure has come a long way since his fateful The Decision press conference. He now has won some NBA championships and even changed the way he is perceived by many people. James has really grown as a person and a player. He is getting better every year and that will continue for the next few years. Will he be able to pass Michael Jordan as the best ever?

For Lebron James he will always be chasing Michael Jordan just like every other player. Trying to be like Mike is just too tough. James is doing the right thing by being himself and delveloping his own game. The more James refines his game the better off he will be. James can do anything on the basketball court and the sky is the limit for.him. The key for him is to stay grounded and be the person he is right now. If he does that he will have a very successful NBA career.

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