Friday, June 21, 2013

What Does This Championship Mean To Lebron James Legacy?

Many people have asked me what will this win do for Lebron James legacy and I come to the conclusion not really a lot. James is a polarizing figure that people stand on one side of the fence or the other. The bottom line is you either love King James or you hate him. Many people want to compare him to Michael Jordan and that really is not a fair comparison. Jordan never lost an NBA Finals and King James has lost one already. Secondly, not to take anything away from the Heat and James accomplishment, but in reality besides Indiana there really is not very many good teams in the Eastern Conference.

Lebron James legacy will be define from this moment forward. If he wins back to back to back Championships that will cement his legacy. Even the haters cannot doubt his talent or desire to win at all costs. I think James is a great talent, but not in the same class as a Michael Jordan. Comparing eras is just too tough. Enjoy Lebron James for what he is one of the best in the game of basketball today. In time his legacy will be decided, not on two championship though it just does not work that way.

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