Monday, August 5, 2013

Could We See T.O. In The NFL In 2013?

Terrell Owens have not played for awhile, but his agent is still looking for a job for his client in 2013. T.O.'s agent has talked to a bunch of teams that have shown interest in him if they have injuries on their team. Terrell Owens always stays in great shape and should not have a problem making a team if he is given a chance. The last team T.O played for was Seattle and he lost out to a numbers game. If T.O. does not make a team this year he has said he will probably retire.

I think Terrell Owens may hook up with a team this season as he is talented and can stay out of trouble. I will admit I have missed hearing his boasts and all the antics we get with him. The antics actually take away from how talented he really happens to me. If he did not do the antics teams may take him more seriously. Either way Terrell Owens is not going to change anytime soon that's for sure.

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