Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dave Parker Battling Parkinson's But Has Had A Full Life If You Ask Him

Dave Parker was a vital part to the Pittsburgh Pirates run to the World Series back in 1979. He is battling Parkinson's Disease, but it is not in the advanced stages yet. He has kept quiet about it as only a few family members and friends knew about it. Parker says he has lived a full life making an impact in baseball and he has had the chance to watch his kids grow. Parker was a great MLB player who many times was misunderstood. He help the Pirates win a championship and was a two-time batting champ along with a league MVP.

His sister is also battling the disease, but he says it is in a more advanced stage then his own. Hopefully, things will work out for Parker and he will live a number more years. he was a great baseball player and you hate seeing things like this happen to anyone. Dave Parker will always be remembered for the We Are Family years with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Stay well Mr. Parker and let's hope you live a long life.

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