Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ichrio Suzuki Closing In On Pete Rose's Hit Record

Now baseball fans might not like it, but a foreign born individual could eventually have the all-time hit record. Pete Rose owns it right now, but Ichrio Suzuki is closing in on 4,000 hits and if he plays at least two more years I see him breaking the record. Now I love Pete Rose, but if anyone breaks the record it would be great to see Ichrio do it. He is a guy who does things the right way and plays the game hard all the time.

When he first came over to America to play in the MLB I never thought he had a chance to break the record. I was wrong as it looks like he will break it in a few years. Ichiro Suzuki has paved the way for future foreign players and I think we could start seeing a lot more as fans are more accepting to them now. Ichrio Suzuki should break the record barring some injury or something else beyond his control. I think him breaking the record will be good for baseball as records are meant to be broken.

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