Why It's Time Pete Rose Should Be Let Back In The Game

Pete Rose was banished away like a thief in the night from baseball. I understand why he was, but I think he has served a long enough sentence. Bud Selig did not banned Alex Rodriguez for life for using PED's, but Rose did for betting on baseball. Hmm very interesting indeed. Rose knows he made plenty mistakes, but while Pete Rose played he never did anything wrong to the game. I wish we could say the same for A-Rod and others. It seems Rose has served a longer sentence then what players are doing today. I know they weren't exactly the same crimes, but the sentences do not equal out.

As Pete Rose gets older MLB is robbing him a chance of getting into the Hall Of Fame. Rose should be judged on the accomplishments he made on the field. He did not use PED's and played like a true warrior. It is a shame he probably will never get to be in the Hall Of Fame. The chances of anyone breaking his hit record is pretty remote. Hopefully things will change and he will get a chance to be in the Hall Of Fame, but right now it does not look good.

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