Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why MLB Suspensions Will Not Solve The Problem Of PED's

No matter how much MLB and Bud Selig would like to think these suspensions the truth is  it will not stop players from getting an unfair advantage. Players have million dollar contracts and they will find a way around the tests and rules they always do. Education to the perils of PED's is really the only real answer. Right now baseball has an integrity problem and they must address it. Fans are leaving the game as they are frustrated by today's players and the cheating that has become an everyday occurrence.

Major League Baseball has a real problem and there really is no easy fix to the problem either.Suspensions in the past have not stopped the problem. Maybe the key is to make sure more measures are in place to stop it. The problem is there is always a way to beat it. Case example is Lance Armstrong. Look how long he went before they actually found out he was doping.

Baseball is America's pastime and it should always be that way. Unless Major League Baseball does something quickly about it that could be a thing of the past. I hope baseball and it's players understand that game is in their hands and right now it does not seem like it is in very good hands.

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