Monday, August 5, 2013

Why Ryan Braun Should Never Wear A Brewers Uniform Again

Ryan Braun was trusted by many including management and fans. He shot an arrow through everyone’s heart with his suspension. We trusted him and believe he was innocent for such a long time and the most he can give us is I’m sorry. Well, Mr. Braun that is not good enough for us Milwaukee Brewers fans. We expect much more from our players then what you have given us lately.

Growing up watching the Milwaukee Brewers players like Sixto Lezcano, Cecil Cooper, and Gorman Thomas did things the right way. These were some of the guys that built the foundation that you enjoy. Robin Yount and Paul Molitor never took short cuts and that is why they are in the Hall Of Fame. Mr. Braun you will never be a Hall Of Fame player now. At one time we thought you were destined to be there beside other Brewers. That day is forever gone and you cheated the fans which probably what hurts the most.

Suspension is not a punishment fitting the crime if you ask die-hard Brewers fans. We want more and should receive more in the gift of never seeing you wear the Milwaukee Brewers uniform again. It is a privileged to wear that uniform and you have tarnished everyone from former players to fans who trusted you. Hopefully, you will learn taking short cuts is not the way of the Brewers organization and banishment as a Brewers player is the only thing you will understand.

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