Monday, September 16, 2013

It's Time We Get Pete Rose In Hall Of Fame Where He Belongs

Pete Rose has made some mistakes in his life we all can state that without question. Keeping the all-time hit king out of the Hall Of Fame is just not right. Baseball has had many problems with the steroid era, but Pete Rose played the game the way it should have been played. His nickname Charlie Hustle fit him perfectly. As Pete Rose ages he is losing his chance to get into the Hall Of Fame while he is alive.
He earned it on the field and no one can take that way from Charlie Hustle. Yes, he made many mistakes after his career was over, but are we going to hold it against him forever. We have players today cheating the game, fans, and their teams and they get no lifetime ban from baseball.
It’s time baseball does the right thing and make sure Pete Rose has a chance to get in the Hall Of Fame before he dies. It would be a tragedy if he never got to enjoy that day that he has earned.

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