What Has Happen to The Milwaukee Brewers?

Just a few years ago Milwaukee Brewers fans were very happy as they had one of the better teams in the National League. Fast forward to 2013 and they have one of the worst. This is how baseball and free agency works sometimes. The Brewers had C.C. Sabathia, Prince Fielder, and others, but now they are playing for other teams enjoying the fruits of their labor. What has happen to the Milwaukee Brewers to drop them so fast so quick. Pitching has always been a problem for the Brewers and that really has not change one bit. Brewers pitchers are average at best these days and they only have a few above average pitchers. If you do not have good pitching you will struggle in Major League Baseball. The hitting has been erratic at times and of course injuries also play a major role in how well your team plays. Most people look at the Brewers and see a lot of promise for the future. I will admit I am in on the same kind of thinking as well. They have a good opportunity to be good in the future. The key is to try and limit injuries and give the younger players a chance to play. Over time the Brewers will be fine, but for now they are struggling to win games.

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