Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cleveland Browns Fans Deserve Better

Well another season is coming to a close in Cleveland and the Browns again missed the playoffs. Now this comes as no surprise to anyone, but Browns Fans Deserve much better then what they are getting. Cleveland is probably poised to fire there coach and bring in another retread and continue the same old losing Browns fans are use to.

 When will the losing stop for Cleveland Browns Fans?  I'm afraid it will not stop anytime soon. Cleveland needs a quarterback that has some  talent and some players to help him out. The Browns have a few good player's, but overall they need a lot of help. Cleveland does have a number of draft picks that should help them rebuild.

 Winning will never start unless they hire a coach with a proven track record. You need a voice in the locker room that players trust and believe in. Until that happens the Browns will continue to lose. Brown's fan's deserve better and let's hope the front office realizes it one day soon.

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