Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Did Mack Brown And Texas Make The Right Decision?

Texas and Mack Brown have decided to part ways with Brown resigning from his head coaching duties. According to Mack Brown he thought long and hard about it before making this decision. Is this the right move for Texas? The Texas Longhorn fan base is use to playing for titles and the last few years that just has not been the case. Brown has had a few down years, but he also had outside forces who wanted him out making it tougher. If you want to win you must have everyone on board and Brown did not. Where does this leave the Texas program at?

The Longhorns need to bring in a guy that has a big name and can recruit players. Texas is one of the best jobs in college football and needs someone that understands this from the start. He also needs to be able to handle the pressure and media as well, as both will be a constant with Texas Longhorn football.

Winning will cure all that ails the Longhorn program. Getting the right person as coach is the key. Taking time to find the right individual is very important. If they do not they could be looking for a new coach again in a few years.

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