Does Carmelo Anthony Really Want To Stay In New York?/

Carmelo Anthony will have a tough decision to make soon and that is if he wants to stay with the Knicks or move on. Many people have many views on this as the truth is you really never know what a player will do until it happens. Anthony has said he would take less pay and wanted to retire as a New York Knick. By taking less money the Knicks could entertain more free agents, but that's if anyone wants to come to New York. Mike Woodson is the coach, but many feel he will not be there much longer. I like to think that he will be there long-term, but I just do not see it.

As far as Carmelo Anthony goes I think he loves playing in New York and for the Knicks. If he stays with the Knicks he is their best recruiting tool to get more players in New York. Anthony is one of the best players in the league and he does have some influence on today's players. It will be interesting to see if he can lure any free agents to New York. The Knicks are not playing well, but in reality they are really not that far away.

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