Thursday, February 13, 2014

In A Way Richard Petty Is Correct About Danica Patrick

No matter how much I do not want to admit it The King Richard Petty has some valid points in his statements about Danica Patrick. I think Danica Patrick could win a race one day, but certain things must happen. One she has to earn the respect of everyone in the garage area which will be tough. Many drivers do not respect what she is doing and will make it tougher on her. Can Danica drive a race car? Yes, she can but many times it takes more then being a good driver.

You have to be lucky sometimes and get help from other drivers at times. Right now Danica is not getting much help from anyone. Some of the comments that Petty made were not real popular, but until she wins consistently they are valid arguments. Many times talk like this fuels Danica to greater heights and this could as well. Only time will tell if this does just that.

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