Is This Kobe Bryant's Last Stand?

In the last few years we have not seen the Kobe Bryant we have come to grow and love. Injuries of course had a lot to do with that. Right now Bryant is nursing an injury and missed an All-Star game that he wanted to play in badly because he was voted in  by the fans. An honor he really takes pride in alot. How much does Kobe have left in the tank?

I really think Kobe is on the downswing in his career, but that does not mean he cannot put up some impressive numbers. We could be seeing Kobe's last stand, but you never know about him. Just when you want to count him out he shocks you with his play. I  would not be surprised to see Kobe come back in 2015 and make a deep playoff run with the Lakers as he is that kind of player. He will go down as one of the greatest to ever play the game.

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