Monday, February 17, 2014

Is Tony Romo Still The Answer In Dallas?

Tony Romo has had a roller coaster career in Dallas and since he started his career there always have been rumblings he is not the guy to lead the Dallas Cowboys to another Super Bowl. With another season in the books should Dallas rethink the direction they are headed. Moving up in the draft is an option, and grabbing a  quarterback is not out of the relam for Jerry Jones.

The truth is Tony Romo is a good quarterback and is paid well to lead the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones believes in him and it looks like he is going to ride this horse for awhile. Cowboys fans are tired of seeing no results though and that is never a good thing. Jerry Jones needs to surround Romo with not so much better players, but ones that play more consistent.

There will be times the offense plays great and other times in the game they cannot even get a first down. Dez Bryant is a talented guy, but he is only one guy. The Cowboys need more play makers if Romo is going to be more successful. Maybe Jerry Jones will grab some play makers in the draft for Romo, but I doubt it he does not draft real well it seems.

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