Sunday, February 23, 2014

Why Do We Hate King James So Much?

It seems no matter what King James does on the court he always has his detractors on and off the court. Why is it we hate Lebron James so much? There are many reasons that come to mind. The Decision did not sit well and that is part of it. The other part is people are just trying to find fault in everything he does. James has made some quotes that probably he should have kept to himself.

James does so much on and off the court many people overlook his greatness. Before he even turned 18 everyone had him being the next Michael Jordan. He was called the chosen one and on almost every sports cover imaginable. Along the way he made some mistakes, but that is no reason to hate him like people do.There comes time when you must bury the hatchet and give him credit for what he has accomplished.

For Lebron James he wants to be the best ever and there is nothing wrong with that. If more people would support him like they did Jordan we could see something real special. Jordan had people from every walk of life supporting him. Hopefully people will warm up to James and stop hating a guy who just wants to be the best.

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