Thursday, February 20, 2014

Will Johnny Manziel Find The Same Fate As Tim Tebow In The End?

Johnny Manziel was the talk of college football for the last couple years, but is he worthy of a high draft pick. Will he become another Tim Tebow eventually, or does he have what it takes for a long pro football career? First I do not think he will be another Tim Tebow. He is able to make all kinds of throws which Tebow has struggled to do. Manziel has a football attitude which includes doing whatever it takes to won football games.

Is drafting Manziel a good idea for some NFL teams? It is on one condition. If you want to draft Johnny Football you must have the proper talent around him. Secondly, you must run an offensive system that will utilize his talents. If you just draft him and think you are going to win it will not happen. The right fit is very important if Johnny Manziel is going to be successful. Every team should precede with caution unless they have everything in place to let Johnny Manziel do his thing. That thing is to win ballgames, but he cannot do it alone.

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