Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Free Agency Could Be Big For Jets and Raiders

These days if you stand still in the NFL and free agency you will get left behind very quickly. With free agency opening you should see a lot of moves by teams. It looks like the New York Jets and Oakland Raiders could be major players in free agency. The Oakland Raiders continue to struggle as a franchise and are looking towards free agency as a way to build their team.

For the New York Jets they want to get back to being a team people talk about in a positive light. They should also be big players in free agency. I still think they have quarterback issues that must be solved. Until this is done the Jets probably will continue to struggle. Coach Rex Ryan needs a good year or he could be looking for a new job.

Many times, free agency can turn a franchise around quickly. It also can have the opposite effect as well. Choosing the right people for your team can sometimes be a tough call. A wrong decision can set you back many years as a franchise. Both the Jets and Raiders have cap space and should do well in free agency.

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