Monday, March 3, 2014

Is One And Done Hurting College Basketball?

The Kentucky Wildcats have used the one and done to some success, but as the losses mount up is it time for college basketball to get rid of it. One and done in reality hurts both the sports and the athletes as well. On rare occassion an athlete should leave early, but most of the time it does no good. Players are entering the NBA and it is taking them three or for years before they grasp the NBA game. Some never do and are out after a few years. This is why it's time to shelve the one and done idea at the college level.

 We are doing the athlete a disservice by letting them leave early. I think a mandatory three years would be a good alternative. This way they would have time to adjust and learn everything they need to when they head to the next level. Hopefully the NCAA will see they are hurting the athlete more then helping them. Put aside the profit for once and end the one and done rule. think about the kids and there future which in the end is the most important thing.

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