Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What Kind Of Year Will Ryan Braun Have In 2014

Ryan Braun now has the 2013 season behind him and all the lies and troubles. What kind of season can Brewers fans expect from their talented superstar? The truth is Ryan Braun did not need the drug enhancing help, as he was a good player before those things entered his body. One of the toughest things Ryan Braun will deal with is the abuse from fans. It can get pretty nasty and how he handles could determine what kind of season he will have this season. Braun has been pretty good about handling the boos, but if he struggles the boos may become a problem.

I look for Braun to have a MVP type season once again. He should be rested as his suspension helped him get healthy once again. When healthly Ryan Braun is one of the best players in baseball. The Milwaukee Brewers need him this season if they want to improve on the dismal 2013 season. Fans of the Milwaukee Brewers will expect alot from Braun as he has let them down in the past. For him to get back in there good graces it will take a couple of great seasons.

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