Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Brewers Fans Show Lots Of Class To Ryan Braun

You could not blame Brewers fans if they booed Ryan Braun on Opening Day. Braun let the Brewers fans down with his lies and deceit. What did the Brewers do on Opening Day at Miller Park when Braun took his at-bat they gave him a standing ovation. Now there was some boos, but for the most part it was all cheers.

Brewers fans showed that they can forgive a player for past mistakes. Braun made a big one and you can be sure the standing ovation touched him deeply. Most players could never fathom that Braun would get such a reception. Brewers fans have always been loyal to a fault, and Braun has a loyal following in Milwaukee, so this should not come as a shock to anyone.

Hopefully, Braun has learned his lesson and will not make anymore mistakes in the future. I do not know if the Brewers fans would forgive a second time for more transgressions.

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