Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lebron James Can Do Something Special In This Year's Finals But Will He

Lebron James is the best basketball on the planet right now and he can do something real special in his third straight Finals appearance. The real question is will he or will he pass the torch to someone else. Ever since King James came into the league he has had his detractors, but he can end all that with another Finals win and Championship.

James has to understand if he wants to win a third straight championship he cannot be passive at times. He must go all out in every game. The Spurs are bent on revenge, so he must bring his "A" game every night. James also is the only one that can keep the Big Three together. If Miami loses this championship I look for the Big Three to be no more. James is the one player that can keep this thing together if he wants.

King James will tell you he does not care about his legacy, but that is just not true. If that was he could have stayed in Cleveland and try to win there. He wants as many championships as possible. He really cares about his legacy and how he is perceived. No matter what he tells everyone else he really does care.

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