Thursday, December 25, 2014

Jameis Winston Florida State's Only Hope For A Repeat Championship

The one thing that we can say about Jameis Winston is he is a polarizing figure, and everyone has an opinion on him. I will admit I have written many articles on him and how he was not one of my favorite players for what he has done off the field of play. Through all the issues he has had the one thing no one can deny is his ability to stay one step ahead of it on the field.

Florida State would not be undefeated if it was not for Jameis Winston and some of his exploits on the field. Yes, at times he has hurt his football team, but most of the time he always finds a way to bring them back from defeat. That is the mark of a true champion. Bringing your team back when your not playing your best is critical to your success. Jameis Winston has done it time and time again.

Now in little over a week Jameis Winston will face his toughest test yet the Oregon Ducks. His team will need to travel cross country and play a quality opponent and their hostile crowd. Many people feel this will end the streak for Florida State, but I think we will see the opposite happen. It seems when Florida State has there backs against the wall they play better. Jameis Winston is the key to winning this game. If they want to beat the Ducks it will be Jameis Winston leading them once again.

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