Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dallas vs Green Bay The Winner Is.......

The Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers hook it up today in what should be a very entertaining football game.  Weather should be cloudy with a chance for snow. This should favor the Packers, but when you talk about the playoffs that weather should not effect the Cowboys to much.  Dallas must control the ball and score at every opportunity they are given. Tony Romo must protect the ball and limit his mistakes. DeMarco Murry and Dez Bryant will need to come up big as well. As far as the Cowboys defense they must make Aaron Rodgers and the Packers earn their points.

Green Bay will go as far as Aaron Rodgers will carry them. Rodgers is excellent in the cold and at home. Beating Rodgers at home is tough. The Cowboys do have the weapons to do it, so turnovers will be key for Rodgers. Ball control and limiting mistakes is something that Rodgers does very well. Defensively, the Packers cannot let Murray or Bryant hurt them. Romo will make some plays, but you cannot not let him get confident. It seems when Romo gets on a roll he is tough to stop.

I like the Packers in this game because they are at home. Aaron Rodgers rarely loses at home. Take the Packers at home by a score of 34-27.

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