Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Do We Need To Expand The College Football Playoff Already?

Now that the first College Football Playoffs is in the books there is talk about expanding it already. There are many reasons people want to do this, but will it work for everyone involved. Let's look deeper into expanding it and why it really is not a good idea right now. First of all ESPN has a contract with it so that would have to be changed and I do not see ESPN wanting to change that anytime soon. The second major problem is the student athlete already puts in enough time and making them miss more classes just makes no sense. 

Expanding it right now would mean more games and that will not help anyone right now.
No matter how many teams you expand it to someone will get left out and complaints will come. This is why for the time being four will have to suffice. Teams and their fans will always think they deserve to be in the playoffs. I will admit that TCU got hosed this season, but many years back so did Boise State. No system is perfect and no matter how many teams we add someone will complain. Right now it is the best we got right now, so enjoy the college football playoffs for what it's worth.

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