Tuesday, January 13, 2015

TCU Still Getting No Respect From Voters

Now that the college football season is officially in the books you would think TCU would finally get some respect from the voters, but they have not. Ohio State is a deserving National Champion, but TCU is still getting no respect. Out of all the teams I watch in the bowl games TCU was by far the most dominate by far. Now comes the AP vote and TCU finishes in third place behind an Oregon team that got there lunch handed to them. A two loss team finishes above TCU you got to be kidding me. Is there anything TCU can do about it?

The only saving grace for The Horned Frogs is they will be one of the favorites to win the National Title next season along with the Ohio State Buckeyes once again. TCU will have a chance to make the playoffs and make a statement against the elite in College Football. This season I do not think they got a fair shake, but sometimes that is what happens in College Football. TCU will learn from the mistakes they made and make sure it does not happen again. The 2015 College Football season should be another wild ride thats for sure.

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