Friday, January 9, 2015

Why The Cleveland Browns Continue To Be A Losing Franchise

After the original Browns left for Baltimore once Cleveland got back a new team things were suppose to be much better for Cleveland fans, but that has not been the case. In fact, it seems the franchise continues to struggle and still the butt of jokes around the league. Why has this franchise struggle so much in recent years? Let's take a closer look at why the Browns just plain suck.

The Browns have made alot of mistakes and one of the biggest problems is mismanagement from the top. Cleveland has never put the proper people in the right places and that has hurt the franchise alot. They continue to struggle to draft productive players and they are still looking for a quarterback. When they do get good people they seem to alienate them and they leave. It's like a revolving door in Cleveland and you cannot have that at all.

Good players and coaches do not want to come to Cleveland as they know how it is. Why go somewhere where you will never get the chance you deserve. Coaches and players many times need a few years to gel, but Cleveland is trigger happy many times. Until the Browns get the right people in the right jobs they will continue to struggle. The bad part it's the Cleveland fans who suffer the most as they deserve much more from ownership.

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