Friday, January 16, 2015

Why Lebron James And Cavaliers Continue To Struggle

Lebron James was coming back to Cleveland to bring them a NBA Championship, but right now it looks like anything but a championship team. James has been injured and not playing up to his NBA ability at times and that has only been part of the problem. It seems Kevin Love is not involved enough as he is confused on his role on the team. David Blatt the coach really has no answers and many times the Cavaliers just tune him out. Can the season be saved?

I think the season can still be saved for the Cavaliers, but several things must happen. The first is these players must listen to James. It seems many are tuning him out and that is part of the problem. Getting Kevin Love more involved is critical if they want to see success. Making trade after trade is not the answer either. Stick with a core group and work with them until you get better. It will not happen overnight, but keep making changes is not the answer. I think some of the players feel resentment towards King James as well even if they do not want to admit it. Right now the Cavaliers are not a good team and unless something changes soon they may not even make the playoffs.

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