Monday, April 20, 2015

Baseball Brawl: A's Vs Royals

Over the years we have always had baseball brawls, but it seems lately it has been taken to another level. Many years ago pitchers would protect the plate by hitting players or backing them off. It was a common practice back in the old days. Players understood it and would adjust to it. Fast forward and now we have baseball brawls where in involves many players and really disrupt the game. The other bad part about the new version is someone can seriously get hurt and you never want to see that.

Major League Baseball is going to need to step in before someone gets hurt seriously. Players are paid millions and you cannot have your stars sideline because of these brawls. It hurts teams, the fans, and the game. Baseball is already losing popularity and if this continues it will just hurt the game. I really do not know what the answer is, but something must be done soon. The A's and Royals had multiple players thrown out over their weekend series. Things like this have to stop and real soon.

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