Sunday, April 19, 2015

Paul Pierce Is Always A Great Guy When The Playoffs Come

No matter if you love him or hate him Paul Pierce is a special player when the playoffs get here. Drafted by The Boston Celtics Pierce won some Championships in Boston and had some very memorable games as a Celtic. His battles with some of the best players in the league can never be forgotten. From Kobe Bryant to Lebron James Paul Pierce will go down as one of the better players in the league. One other thing you cannot forget about Paul Pierce is he is a talker and for some people that rubs them the wrong way I guess. For me I kind of like a player who is not afraid of any challenge and that is Paul Pierce.

Now Pierce plays for the Washington Wizards and of course going into his first round match up he is talking again this time about the Raptors. He made some comments that ruffled a few feathers. That is how Paul Pierce does things no matter what anyone thinks. He did score 20 points to help lead the Wizards to the win. Pierce knows about winning and that will never change as he leads a young group of Wizards. The bottom line is like him or hate him he knows what it takes to win a NBA Championship.

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