Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I Thought Lebron James Was Getting Old But I was Dead Wrong

After watching Lebron James interview after Game 4 I said to myself James is getting up there and is slowing down. You can tell what toll the NBA takes on a player as James has gotten older, but looks older then his age of 30. I thought maybe James was slowing down and the Cleveland Cavaliers had no real chance against the Chicago Bulls. Fast forward to Game 5 and James was vintage. He did everything the Cleveland Cavaliers could ask from a player. He carried them on his back when they needed him too. This is why he came back to Cleveland to win an NBA Championship and he being the Alpha Dog on the team. Can James get one more win?

The Chicago Bulls could have easily already won this series, but they  have had some epic failures in quarters. Chicago needs a much better effort in Game 6 or they will be going home early and there season will be over. James is one guy who can make that happen. I was dead wrong about James and his will to win an NBA Championship in Cleveland. All season I  have questioned if this is really what he wants to do. I know him coming back was a good story for awhile, but I was questioning it for the longest time. After watching what he did in Game 5 there is no doubt Lebron James wants to win another NBA title. He is chasing it for Cleveland and his own legacy. Give James credit he has worked for everything he got, but winning a championship in Cleveland will be very special to him and the City.

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