Thursday, May 21, 2015

J. R. Smith Helps Lead Cavaliers To opening Game Win

The Cleveland Cavaliers knew they needed players to stepup and one guy who has proven he can do it is J.R. Smith. For most of the season Smith has been quiet, but broke out last night against the Atlanta Hawks. Smith was excellent from three point range and tallied 28 points.. I was not a big fan of J. R. Smith when the Cavaliers got him but he sure came through when he was needed. Getting the win is a great start for the Cavaliers and Smith. Can Smith keep it up? I really dont know about that as Atlanta will make adjustments for game 2.

Smith's heroics cannot be dismissed at all. If you take away his 28 pointsbthe Cavaliers get hammered in the game. Both teams suffered setbacks by losing players. It will be interesting to see which team can overcome the injuries the best. The Cavaliers have been able to weather most injuries as they are a very deep team plus they do have King James. If the Cavaliers get similar games from J.R. Smith they will be very hard to beat.

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