Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ty Cobb vs. Babe Ruth Who Would You Choose To Be The Man

Ty Cobb and Bath Ruth were two of the greatest ballplayers to ever lace them up.  Each played the game hard and neither one like to lose.  Ruth and Cobb's paths crossed many times while they played.  In this article we will look at both players and then try to decide which player we would choose if we could only have one of them.

Both Cobb and Ruth have been called the greatest to play the game of baseball.  Ruth was known for his mammoth homeruns,  but was also a very good pitcher as well.  Cobb on the other hand may have been the greatest hitter of all time.  Cobb was amazing with the bat and could do deep if he needed to as well.  Picking between these two players is very tough indeed.

I loved Ruth could pitch an hit me homeruns when I needed them,  but if I had to pick one guy it would be Ty Cobb.  What many people do not realize about Cobb is he could hit for power if need be.  He just choose not to do that when he played.  As far as an overall player I would take Ty Cobb everytime. He never gave up and would always get you the hit when u needed it.  My choice is Cobb over Ruth.

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