Friday, June 5, 2015

Cleveland Cavaliers Blew A Golden Opportunity In NBA Finals

The Cleveland Cavaliers had the Golden State Warriors on the ropes and did not take them out a big mistake. Lebron  James had a monster game and it was all for nothing as the Cavaliers fell in overtime 108-100 to Golden State.  Kyrie Irving had a very good game but his knee started acting up and he could be limited or done for the series. The Cavaliers cannot afford to lose Irving for an extended period of time and Lebron James frustrations continue in a Cavaliers uniform as he has failed to win a Finals game as a Cavalier.

Besides the Irving problem the Cavaliers have other pressing issues as well. Cleveland must figure how to slow down the Warriors who have ten good players they can throw at you every night. The Cavaliers cannot match that and the depth could be a real issue for them. As good as James is he is only one guy and they just do not have the firepower to match up. If Cleveland wants to win they will need to play better defense and hope Golden State struggles from the floor.

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